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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020


FACTS AND FIGURES GARDEN INSPIRATION DID YOU KNOW ... the height and diameter of teak trees is strongly dependent on the habitat and soil? For instance, the teak trees in Myanmar will grow 40-45 metres high and are some 2 metres in diameter, under favourable circumstances. Whereas the teak trees in Java grow approximately 20-30 metres high, with a diameter of 50 to 90 centimetres. Apple Bee is a Dutch outdoor furniture brand, that represents exclusive design and high quality? our Palm Bay lounge set consists of: 1 three-seater sofa, 2 lounge chairs, 3 side tables, 170 metres of aluminium tubes, 900 metres of wickerwork, 31.500 cm 3 water permeable foam and 18 days of labour for 1 person? untreated teakwood outdoor furniture will gray over time? In order to prevent this, you can treat it twice per year using Apple Bee maintenance products? aluminium is a very durable material? It’s 100% recyclable without loss of quality. Around 75% of all aluminium ever produced, is still in circulation. you can even buy Apple Bee garden furniture in Australia? The distance from this dealer to our office in Dongen is 16.684 kilometer! nowadays there are hybrid teak trees? These are trees with 2 or 3 root systems, which make them grow 2 to 3 times as fast! the tallest teak tree ever grew 45 metres high and had a diameter of 3 metres (!!!) currently the largest teak tree is ‘only’ 8 metres high with a diameter of 120 – 130 cm? This would allow us to produce about 20 – 25 Long Island lounge sets Apple Bee has been producing its own wickerwork Biculair® for years? This special, durable wickerwork is weather-resistant, colourfast, recyclable and eco-friendly. the teak tree grows in with an average rain fall of 1.250 to 1.650 mm? That is more than twice as much as the average Europe! 10

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