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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020


APPLE BEE OUTDOOR FURNITURE - GARDEN INSPIRATION INDEX GARDEN INSPIRATION INTRODUCTION ”FANCY” INTRODUCTION 3 ”Fancy” ABOUT APPLE BEE 6 Apple who? Apple Bee! What do we fancy and what not? Often it is the subtle differences to determine this. Sometimes it is a colour that is appealing to us, or a shape, and usually it is a combination of both. Often it is the details that make a product attractive to us. 18 GARDEN FURNITURE TRENDS 2020 Wickerwork, rope, outstanding colours ... What should you have in your garden in 2020? 80 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Our answers to frequently asked questions about garden furniture, materials, maintenance etc. DID YOU KNOW? 10 Facts and numbers about Apple Bee you have always wanted to know. WORD SEARCH 13 Crack the old pate! APPLE BEE OVER THE YEARS 14 Nostalgia with Apple Bee. What did your garden look like in 1999? THE JOURNEY OF AN APPLE BEE 38 From tree to warehouse: what does the journey of your furniture look like? TRY THIS! 42 The Apple Bee-cocktail for Friday afternoon drinks in the garden MATERIALS 46 Explanation of the quality materials used by Apple Bee HOT STUFF 68 5x must haves to brighten up your garden or balcony WHY BEE WETT®? 69 Everything you want to know about our weatherproof cushions COOLING OFF IN THE GARDEN 74 A delicious, healthy recipe to enjoy on a summer day A SUSTAINABLE CHOICE 76 Two collections made entirely from leftover teak branches Last spring I joined my son in looking for new trainers. I thought that we had found a pair that exactly matched his wishes, but he thought quite different about it. “Then why don’t you like these trainers?”, I asked him. “They are your favourite brand and it is the colour you were looking for, so what is wrong with them?”. He replied in a typically adolescent way: “I just don’t like them”. So, we looked further trying to find “great” trainers. In the next shop, he came to me, presenting a suitable pair and I was quite surprised, because in my opinion they were exactly the same as the pair we had seen earlier and I asked him what made him like these. My son totally disagreed; these looked much better! I was gobsmacked … I was pretty certain that they were the same trainers and I asked why he preferred these. “Because they have straight laces”, he replied. Apparently, the shopkeeper had parallelly laced round shoelaces in the shoe. In the previous sneaker store, flat laces had been laced transversely in the shoe.A subtle different that was seemingly irrelevant, but meant a significant difference to my 15 year-old son. The “straight laces” made the shoes great and worth buying! Why am I telling you this story? Firstly, it illustrates that often details determine the beauty of a product. I too usually add subtle details to my designs that enhance the furniture and increase the attractiveness. Hoping that you, just as my son, will get a good feeling by what you are observing. For instance, the wooden detail that keeps the back cushion of the new Mix & Match collection in place. Or the bead that is part of the new Menton collection. In both cases, it is a subtle difference that would largely affect the general image when omitted. Secondly, this trainer story inspired me to initiate our new La Croix collection. This teak collection is not “just” interwoven using rope, but using “straight round laces”. The rope was intentionally woven through the frame; just as the shoe laces that were laced parallelly. It is this subtle detail that makes the La Croix so attractive. And, in my opinion, exactly that is the power of Apple Bee. Accessible design that distinguishes by carefully applied subtle details that elevate the product from “just nice” to a balanced “marvellous”. Therefore, I invite you to also take a look at the collections in our new magazine and pay special attention to the details. I think you will agree that it is specifically these details that make the furniture appealing to you. I hope you will enjoy reading! GARDEN INSPIRATION Apple Bee Outdoor Furniture · Edition 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY Peek Creative Studio & Paul Jespers Fotografie· TEXTS Apple Bee · LAY-OUT Apple Bee · STYLING Apple Bee Sunny greetings, Sako Wijma 2 3

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