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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020


TRY THIS GARDEN INSPIRATION GARDEN INSPIRATION TRY THIS The cocktail Daiquiri is a classic. The drink originates from British seamen. They produced the predecessor of this cocktail from their ration, consisting of rum, water, lime and sugar. Nowadays, the Daiquiri is known as a stylish and elegant choice. It is a simple cocktail, that you can combine entirely as you please. This is what we did at Apple Bee, creating our own Apple Bee Daiquiri. And whether during spring, summer, autumn or winter…. This cocktail will always be tasty! INGREDIENTS For 2 Apple Bee Daiquiri cocktails HOW TO? Squeeze out the limes. Put the juice, together with the sugar in the cocktail shaker (or a high beaker with lid) and shake until the sugar has dissolved. Add the white rum, the apple juice and ice cubes and shake for about 30 seconds. Then distribute it among the glasses and decorate each glass with a cinnamon stick and a piece of apple. And then of course comes the most important ... Enjoying it in your garden! 2 organic limes 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar 150ml white rum ice cubes cinnamon sticks (garnish) green apple (garnish) 200ml organic apple juice Tip: rather not use alcohol? Then replace the white rum by 200ml of bitter lemon. 42 43

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