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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2020


ABOUT APPLE BEE GARDEN INSPIRATION APPLE WHO? APPLE BEE! HISTORY Sako and Tineke have been passionate about garden furniture since they were young. Unsurprising, considering the fact that their father worked in the furniture sector all his life. With this in mind, brother and sister joined forces in 1993, founding Double You Meubelcollectie BV together. Here they quickly broke through with an innovation. They produced a high-quality stacking chair made from a weather resistant aluminum frame. This frame was braided with synthetic wickerwork, which meant that the lifespan of the furniture was enormously extended. In 1998 Tineke and Sako they oficially switched to focusing on the production of their own outdoor furniture brand. From that moment on the garden furniture brand with a unique design was born in the Netherlands. GARDEN INSPIRATION ABOUT APPLE BEE IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION We are always committed to using the best materials in combination with timeless design. The wickerwork we apply is produced by ourselves and is exclusively available under the brand name Biculair®. Also the aluminium we use is produced by ourselves. This in-house production makes us independent of suppliers. As such, we can rely on our quality and are able to quickly respond to new developments and designs! ENGAGED BRAND Quality, innovative designs, excellent comfort and durability are criteria that we consider important. We have a strong focus on innovation and development. In addition, we attach value to paying attention to the conditions under which our furniture is being manufactured. From design to end product, we will be involved in the process. Daily contact with the production locations in Asia allows us to quickly respond to various developments, wishes and needs. PLEISURE DESIGN At Apple Bee, we consider ourselves not to be ‘just’ another outdoor furniture-supplier. On the contrary, we offer leisure! We wish to provide a happy feeling for as long as possible during this leisure. And, according to us, this can only be done using innovative quality products that were made using honest materials with a long lifespan. Pleasure, leisure ... Apple Bee design is pure ’pleasure’. THE BUZZZZZ OF APPLE BEE Our outdoor furniture is purely ‘Dutch design’. Sako Wijma personally designs all collections. Every year he manages to surprise us with the new collections, suitable for any style and any garden. Dutch design is HOT! Thus, the Apple Bee collections do not remain unnoticed outside our own little country and are internationally famous. So it is likely that you will encounter an Apple Bee during your holiday at the other side of the world! 6 7

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