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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2021

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2021


INDEX COLLECTIONS A-Z P L E I S U R E D E S I G N Apple Bee 2021 The Apple Bee purchase catalogue 2021 has been specially compiled for you as a purchaser. It includes compact, clear, and useful information of each collection. All the outdoor furniture shown here, is available per container and most of the items will also be available through our warehouse in Dongen, the Netherlands. In these strange and sometimes hectic times for many people in the outdoor industry, we want to help you as our Apple Bee dealer to make your sales as easy as possible. In addition to sizes and weights, you will also find information about the fabrics, materials used, maintenance and much more. All the information you need to properly advise your customer! Apple Bee can also support you if you are looking for custom made production. We would be more than happy to welcome you in our 400 m2 showroom in Dongen and talk over the possibilities. Hope to get in contact with you soon and wish you a successful season in 2021! Antigua Dining 4 Antigua Lounge 8 Antigua Lounger 12 Cocoon Daybed 14 Cocoon Dining 16 Cocoon Lounge 18 Condor Dining 20 Condor Lounge 24 Crete Coffee Table 34 Delgado Lounge 28 Dominica Dining 30 Elements XL Lounge - Black wash 32 Elements XL Lounge - Kubu 36 Elle Alu Dining 39 Elle Alu Lounge 40 Elle Belt Dining 42 Elle Belt Lounge 46 FFF Lounge 50 Frejus Dining 52 Frejus Lounge 54 Jakarta Dining 56 Jakarta Lounge 63 Joie de Vivre Dining Tables 16, 126 and 128 La Croix Dining 64 La Croix Lounge 66 Long Island Lounge 68 Luc Lounge 72 Luc Lounger 74 Menton Lounge 76 Milou Barset - Black 78 Milou Dining - Black 80 Milou Lounge - Black 84 Milou Lounge + Dining - White 88 Module-X Lounge 90 Olive Lounge 96 Oxford Dining Tables 52 and 121 Palm Bay Lounge - Black wash 98 Palm Bay Lounge - White wash 101 Robinson Lounge 102 Rooty Dining 104 Rooty Lounge 106 Rooty Lounger 110 Soul Coffee Tables - Black 18, 86 and 100 Soul Coffee Tables - White 101 San Miguel Lounge 112 San Miguel Planter Rack 114 Sticks and More Lounge 116 Square Dining 120 Twiggy Lounge 122 Twiggy Tables 125 Zara Dining - White blaze 126 Zara Dining - Black 130 COPYRIGHT COLOPHON All Apple Bee designs, names, photos and intellectual property used Any infringement or abuse of our copyright will be persued by law. the description or features given in this catalogue in the light of © Apple Bee - edition 2021 Photography: Peek Creative Studios / Styling: Apple Bee ® / Pure Styling Bee Wett ® technology Cushions Light Weight Concrete 62 132 87 in this purchase catalogue are copyright protected by Apple Bee ® . Apple Bee always reserves the right to make changes or additions to technical developments or availability of materials. We are no Text, art direction & layout: Apple Bee ® Paul Jespers / Peggy Janssen Biculair ® wickerwork Dealer Portal Shop-in-Shop 87 38 134 Pleasure, Leisure… Apple Bee design is pure Pleisure responsible for variations in colour, weight or dimensions, as variations are possible whenever products are hand-made. Special thanks to: Capi-Europe / Cor Unum / Raaf sierkussens Wolletje bol / Vloerkledenwinkel Teak Care Warranty 124 133 2 3 Other

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