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Apple Bee - Katalog 2019

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2019 – Exklusive Gartenmöbel kaufen Sie günstig online bei Ihrem Gartenmöbelprofi mit ♥

Fréjus- Arm cushion

Fréjus- Arm cushion Fréjus arm cushion, BEE WETT® cushion Bright Dimensions (in cm) 39 66 - - - 16 1,5 40 HC Approximate loadability: 2500 Article code SKU: 70000463 | EAN: 7818091512709 Fréjus - Coffee table Fréjus coffee table 83x83x31h, SVLK teak Natural Fréjus coffee table 83x45x31h, SVLK teak Natural Dimensions (in cm) 31 83 83 - - - 28 31 83 45 - - - 25 Article code SKU: 70000458 | EAN: 8718091512679 SKU: 70000459 | EAN: 8718091512686 40 HC Approximate loadability: 826 40 HC Approximate loadability: 1594 Teak contains many natural oils, which serves as a natural protective layer on the wood. Apple Bee already pre-treats all teak furniture with an anti-fungus pesticide during the production, which is designed to kill mould and mildew spores inside teak. For outdoor use, teak furniture will be exposed to rain, sunlight, dirt, moisture and fungi, and therefore taking care of outdoor furniture is important. Apple Bee - Teak cleaner Apple Bee Teak Cleaner is specifically designed to kill mould and mildew spores inside teak. It contains both cleaning and brightening ingredients. Article code SKU: OV0010 | EAN: 08718091508382 Apple Bee - Teak color restore Apple Bee Teak Color Restore Antique is specially developed for Apple Bee teak furniture with antique finish. After a while the antique color will fade out. The treatment protects teak and helps it retaining its natural warm color. Apple Bee Color Restore Antique generally lasts for the entire season without turning black or gray. The duration depends upon factors such as exposure to sunlight, humidity, rain, the age of the teak, and some other factors. Article code SKU: OV0011 | EAN: 08718091508399 Apple Bee - Teak shield Apple Bee Teak Shield slows the growth of algae and fungi and helps to maintain teak’s silvergrey color for a long period of time, without getting green deposits. We recommend treating teak with Apple Bee Teak Shield at least once a year. Tabletops should be treated more often, depending on the frequency of use. Extreme green deposit can occur under some conditions, such as exposure to long periods of damp. In this case, it is advisable to apply Apple Bee Teak Shield twice a year. Article code SKU: OV0012 | EAN: 08718091508405 25 26

HERITAGE MATERIALS JUUL DINING + SUNBED MATERIALS At first sight, you would say that this is simply an ordinary wooden chair. But be aware, because looks are deceiving! The Heritage dining chair is made from firm aluminium with a white, vintage wooden look, and with that, it can barely be distinguished from a real wooden chair. The aluminium frame ensures that the chair is extraordinarily lightweight. Additionally, the Heritage can be easily stored, because it is stackable. So, are you looking for a wooden look that won’t change, but would you still like the comfort of a light and stackable aluminium chair? Don’t look any further, because the Heritage dining chair is the one for you! Cushion: Caramel BEE WETT® weight 238 gram/m2 100% Olefin Aluminium: Antique white With its stylish character, the Juul collection by Apple Bee conjures a smile on everyone’s face. Allow yourself to be captured by the comfort of this luxury garden set. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, Juul deserves the honorary position of your favourite place in the garden. Innovation and sustainability characterise this Apple Bee collection, of which Juul is the ultimate example. The daybed from the Juul collection is a true eyecatcher, and is available in the colours pavement and natural. The natural colour of the SVLK-certified teakwood provides the daybed with a tight finish. Wood SVLK teak natural Sling: Natural width 48 mm, 100% Olefin Sling: Pavement width 48 mm, 100% Olefin Heritage - Dining arm chair Heritage dining arm chair 60, aluminum Antique White (stackable) Juul - Dining table Juul dining table 220x100x74h, SVLK teak Natural Dimensions (in cm) 40 HC Dimensions (in cm) 84 60 57 44 65 - 5,8 40 HC Approximate loadability: 684 74 220 100 - - - 36,4 Article code Approximate loadability: 155 Article code SKU: 0470107 | EAN: 8718091507934 SKU: 0573906 | EAN: 8718091508429 Heritage - Seat cushion Heritage BEE WETT® cushion for dining arm chair in Caramel, thickness 5 cm. Juul - Dining arm chair Juul dining arm chair 49, base SVLK teak Natural, belt weaving Nature, without cushion Dimensions (in cm) Dimensions (in cm) - 60 47 - - 5 1 Article code SKU: BW05706B1 | EAN: - 40 HC Approximate loadability: 5000 w/o arm 86 49 63 43 64 - 6 86 49 63 43 - 5,5 (w/o arm) Article code SKU: 0470106 | EAN: 8718091507927 SKU: 0470106A | EAN: 8718091507910 (w/o arm) 40 HC Approximate loadability: 324 40 HC Approximate loadability: 407 27 28

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