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Apple Bee - Katalog 2019

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2019 – Exklusive Gartenmöbel kaufen Sie günstig online bei Ihrem Gartenmöbelprofi mit ♥


PREMIUM LINE BEE WETT ® TECHNOLOGY Apple Bee furniture is made of the highest quality materials. The same certainly applies to the cushions. Our BEE WETT® range consists of special weather-resistant cushions that you can simply leave outside. The removable cover is made of the best possible materials, which are all washable. As well as being waterproof, the material is also guaranteed to be UV-resistant. Unlike normal foam, the unique BEE WETT filling does not absorb moisture. The open fabric structure on the bottom of the cushion drains all moisture perfectly. This ensures that your BEE WETT cushion dries incredibly quick compared to other cushions. The Bee Wett cushion is upholstered with a Olefin material that is resistant to rot and fungus, but is also UV-proof, soft, comfortable and damp-proof. The premium line features Bee Wett® technology on the cushions, which ensures that the cushions dry quickly after heavy rain. So, you can simply leave the cushions outside. Care For many years we have been supplying Apple Bee furniture together with the highest-quality, care-friendly BEE WETT® cushions. One of the surest ways to extend the life of these attractive cushions is to maintain the fabric correctly. This can be done simply by brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric fibres and to immediately remove spilled liquids and other substances. Do not use any caustic cleaning agents or chlorine. You can leave the cushion covers to soak in a soap and MILOU DINING The clear success of the Milou lounge set prompted the huge demand from the market to come with a matching dining combination. Designer Sako Wijma started to work on this and the Milou dining armchair and matching table are the wonderful result. The authentic nature grey Bee Wett® cushions are combined with a 10 mm round core weave and the chair is supported by a black aluminium frame. The Milou dining chair can be combined with the Milou dining table 240x100, which is available with an SVLK teak top as well as a light weight concrete table top. MATERIALS Cushion: Nature grey BEE WETT® weight 352 gram/m2 100% Olefin Wicker: Willow / 10mm round core Aluminium: Black Table tops: Light weight concrete grey SVLK teak antique DRAIN The open fabric structure on the bottom of the cushion drains all moisture perfectly water solution and/or wash them in a delicate fabrics programme at a maximum of 30 degrees. NB: always rinse out the covers thoroughly! In order to retain the cushions’ water-repellent layer you can add a little Harmisol or similar to the last rinsing. Do not put the cushion covers in a spin dryer or dryer and do not iron Milou - Dining arm chair Milou dining arm chair 62, biculair weaving Willow, BEE WETT® seat + back cushion Nature Grey. them. As soon as the washing machine programme is finished, immediately replace the wet cover around the cushion filling so that the natural elasticity of the fibres will pull the cover nice and tight around the filling as it dries. Dimensions (in cm) 83 62 64 42 67 6 6,6 Article code SKU: 70000034 | EAN: 8718091512259 40 HC Approximate loadability: 252 37 38

Milou - Dining table (LWC top) MILOU LOUNGE The Milou’s weave thread has the appearance of willow branches. True to nature, but in the wellknown solid Biculair® outdoor quality you’re used to from Apple Bee. This wickerwork is framed with a black powder-coated frame with curved lines, from which Milou derives her chic, modern look. The frame is traditionally hidden underneath the wickerwork. For the Milou, designer Sako Wijma has framed the wickerwork as it were in the frame, so visibly processed. This makes the furniture extra exciting. Because of its friendly size Milou is also suitable for a balcony or a smaller terrace. MATERIALS Cushion: Nature grey BEE WETT® weight 352 gram/m2 100% Olefin Wicker: Willow / 10mm round core Aluminium: Black Milou dining table 240x100x76h cm, top LWC grey, base aluminium Milou - Lounge chair Dimensions (in cm) 40 HC Milou Lounge Chair 77 in Willow with BEE WETT® cushion Nature Grey 76 240 100 - - - 61,8 Approximate loadability: 176 Dimensions (in cm) 40 HC Article code SKU: 70000036 | EAN: 8718091512273 66 77 86 25 50 12 10,6 Approximate loadability: 117 Article code SKU: 18101B1-LC | EAN: 8718091511085 Milou - Dining table (teak top) Milou dining table 240x100x76h cm, top SVLK teak Antique, base aluminium Dimensions (in cm) 76 240 100 - - - 52 Article code SKU: 70000037 | EAN: 8718091512280 40 HC Approximate loadability: 176 Milou - Sofa Milou Sofa 203 in Willow with BEE WETT® cushion Nature Grey Dimensions (in cm) 66 203 86 25 50 12 23,6 Article code SKU: 18101B1-SF | EAN: 8718091511092 40 HC Approximate loadability: 47 39 40

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