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Apple Bee - Katalog 2019

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Apple Bee Gartenmöbel Katalog 2019 – Exklusive Gartenmöbel kaufen Sie günstig online bei Ihrem Gartenmöbelprofi mit ♥

Module 1: Rectangular

Module 1: Rectangular pavilion Module 2: Zig-Zag pavilion Concept Shop-in-shop A joint success. That is the thought behind the shop-in-shop module(s) of Apple Bee. A few pilots with our dealers have shown that an Apple Bee shop-in-shop module increases the turnover time of the placed collections, and so your Apple Bee sales increase as well. From now on, it will be possible for all our dealers to have an Apple Bee shopin-shop at their selling points. You can participate in the Apple Bee shop-in-shop concept if • You are an Apple Bee dealer. • You enter into a contract with Apple Bee for a minimum period of 3 years. • You have a minimum of 4 Apple Bee collections on your shop floor and you will maintain them during the runtime of the contract. In consultation with your account manager, the number of shop-in-shop modules, the execution of them, and the location in your shop will be established. The costs for the shop-in-shop concept will be billed immediately after placement. This invoice must be paid by you at that time. You will be able to at least earn back this investment by means of a discount percentage on the future Apple Bee sales realised with the collections placed on the shop floor. Apple Bee develops new collections every year. In consultation with your account manager, you can add or exchange new collections as long as the minimum number of Apple Bee collections (as agreed in the contract) is maintained on your shop floor. Are you interested? Then please contact your Apple Bee account manager! 81 82

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